Rs 70 LED bulb for only Rs 10

Rs 70 LED bulb for only Rs 10

People living in villages will no longer have difficulty in buying light bulbs. Energy Agent Services Limited of India plans to make about 60 crore bulbs available in rural areas at a rate of Rs 10 per bulb. Let us show you how to get an LED bulb for Rs. In 10 rupees. The scheme also has no subsidy or government help scheme. EESL’s efforts are believed to accelerate Make in India and advance India’s climate change strategy. This is also believed to give impetus to the Gram Ujala scheme.

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EESL is currently running the world’s largest lighting program

Similar to the government’s Ujala scheme, LED bulbs, which were sold at Rs 310 in 2014, have now come down to Rs 70. But now people in the village will pay Rs 10 for these bulbs and the remaining Rs 60 will be given under the revenue coming from carbon credit work. Let it be known that the government is running the Village Ujala Scheme like the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism CDM. Which has the advantage of claiming a carbon credit.

પ્રધાનમંત્રી આવાસ યોજના નું લિસ્ટ

વડોદરા મ્યુનિસિપલ કોર્પોરેશન માં ભરતી,

Only 18 per cent of the villages were distributed in rural areas under the Ujala scheme

Only one-fifth of the 36 crore LED bulbs, i.e. 18 per cent, have been distributed in rural areas under the Gram Ujala scheme. The delivery of electricity to rural areas will also get a boost under the Gram Ujala scheme. Many companies are preparing to pull out of China due to the Corona virus epidemic. EESL’s move will draw its attention to many other companies.

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1 crore LED bulbs will be offered under this scheme

First, 1 crore LED bulbs will be offered under this scheme. A total of Rs 4,000 crore will be invested for this. Out of which Rs 600 crore will come from rural consumers. And the rest will be met from carbon credit card revenue. With such efforts all bulbs will be offered. According to EESL, India is the largest market for LED bulbs in the world. The Ujala scheme will also be able to ensure power supply.

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