Price increase in PUC


Price increase in PUC

The government has given a tweak to the people who are struggling against the Corona crisis. In which the rate of PUC has been increased by the government. A two-wheeler will now have to pay a charge of Rs 30.

Now it will be expensive to get PUC

Gujarat government raises prices

Increased PUC prices even for heavy vehicles

Gujarat government has increased the rate of PUC. The state government has charged PUC of Rs 30 for two wheelers. PUC charge for three wheeler is fixed at Rs.

While for four wheeler a charge of Rs 80 has been fixed for PUC.

The Supreme Court has given a big verdict on the right of daughters to property.

 With this, the charge of PUC for heavy vehicle has been fixed at Rs. 100.

It may be mentioned that a long time ago, the PUC Association had demanded the government to increase the fixed fee of PUC for different vehicles. According to the PUC Association, the price of PUC has been in force since 1996.

The biggest news for Gujarat drivers has come. The Gujarat Department of Transport has made an important decision regarding the rate of Piusa. The PUC rate of vehicles has been increased in Gujarat. Two-wheeler, three-wheeler and four-wheeler PUC rates have been increased by Rs 10.

There are reports that the Gujarat Department of Transport has increased the rate of PUC. PUC rates for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers were increased by Rs 10.

An important decision of the Modi cabinet

 From now on, the rates have been fixed at Rs 30 for two wheelers, Rs 60 for three wheelers and Rs 80 for four wheeler light vehicles and Rs 100 for heavy and four wheelers.

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