*SC's reluctant decision on corona crisis should be corona test free*

*SC's reluctant decision on corona crisis should be corona test free*

On the Corona virus test, the Supreme Court has said that the investigation should be done free of charge. The Supreme Court today asked the central government to arrange for free corona virus screening. The Supreme Court said that even the private lab did not charge much money for the investigation into the deadly virus.
Supreme Court directs Corona virus test fee Government creates facility for free testing in private labs: Supreme Court During the hearing on the Corona virus case, the court has asked the doctors to show them the warrior and set up their security system. The Supreme Court said that the process of investigation should be made in a private lab.
A petition was filed in the Supreme Court against Rs 4,500 being taken by a private lab for investigation of the Corona virus. The Supreme Court has heard. The Supreme Court told the government that the Corona test should be free. During the hearing on Wednesday, the Supreme Court said that the government should create a process so that those who take their tests in the private lab can be reimbursed. The Supreme Court said doctors and medical staff were warriors in the corona virus war.
Corona Warriors protection

"The protection of doctors and medical staff is important in the wake of the coronary virus crisis," the Supreme Court said. These are warriors, the security of them and their families is very important. It is noteworthy that there are reports of misconduct with doctors and nurses by the people of Stage III.

118 labs doing 15,000 tests daily

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that 118 labs are currently operating with a capacity of 15,000 tests per day. We will now allow 47 private labs to test. This is a developing condition. We do not know how many labs we will need.

Only last month, ICMR allowed a private lab accredited by ICMR. With that, the cost of each test for Covid 19 was fixed at Rs 4,500. The cost includes Rs 3000 check and Rs 1500 screening. However, the government has also appealed to the people not to investigate without any reason. You will need to write to a qualified physician for an examination.

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