*Gujarat will now be able to exempt these people from lockdown and start business employment - read soon*

*Gujarat will now be able to exempt these people from lockdown and start business employment - read soon*

Corona has shouted across India including Gujarat and over 874 Corona patients have been detected in Gujarat so far. Lockdown Part-2 is currently underway across the country to control Corona. In this regard, the Government of India has e
xtended the lockdown period till May 7. The lockdown is to remain in force in the state till May 3. The Government of India has announced that commercial and industry related concessions will come into effect from April 20.

According to the new home ministry guidelines, these concessions will be granted from the 20th on so many industries and constructions in

Gujarat. According to the situation in each district, a 7-member committee will decide to start the business The committee comprises the collector, GIDC chief, labor officer, DHO, DyMC etc.
MNREGA started in rural areas, irrigation work will be given priority

Approval of construction industry, mechanic, technician, plumber in urban areas Approval on condition of provision of accommodation for workers in the construction sector

Implementation of thermal guns, masks, sanitization in industrial-commercial units Social

Distance everywhere, separate come-and-go lunch is mandatory

Keeping workers on campus, arranging commutes for the rest
Make sure no labor is employed from the hotspot area It is worth mentioning that this concession will be available only in normal areas. Healthy instructions in the factory will be strictly followed. As well as works will be started in the village under MNREGA. Construction will also start in the urban area. But the laborers will have to provide facilities like lodging on site. Self-employed workers, including a motor mechanic, plumber, will be exempted.

Who will approve?
A seven-member committee has been constituted for the district collectors to implement commercial and industry-related concessions at every district level in the state. The GIDC's local head, labor and employment department officer, chief district health officer, factory inspector, deputy municipal commissioner in the municipal corporation area and general manager of the district industry center as member secretary have been included. According to the guidelines of this Committee, Government of IndiaCommercial and industrial units will allow operations to continue.
Commercial businesses and units can be launched with sufficient vigilance from April 20. In view of Corona's transition to these precautions, commercial units will have to take special care of thermal guns, use of mandatory masks, sanitization, social distancing, staggered lunch time, staggered entry and exit time and not being crowded. In addition, there will be a need to arrange for workers on campus. If that is not possible, a safe transport system for employees will have to be ensured with social distancing.
If any of these arrangements are violated or violated, commercial commercial units will be closed with approval. The committee will have to take care that no employees, officers, workers from the hotspot area have come to work in the precautionary measures to take such approval.

 ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં જાણકારી માટે ક્લીક કરો, 

*Gujarat will now be able to exempt these people from lockdown and start business employment - read soon* *Gujarat will now be able to exempt these people from lockdown and start business employment - read soon* Reviewed by Admin on April 17, 2020 Rating: 5

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