Gujarat Corona update date 27-4-2020

Gujarat Corona update date 27-4-2020

11 per cent positive cases of corona in 27 districts of the state and 89 per cent positive cases in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara: Jayanti Ravi

The state government has launched a new project to treat corona through telemedicine: Jayanti Ravi

3301 cases and 152 deaths in Gujarat so far

 The lockdown could extend to the 16th to complete the incubation cycle in the state

In Ahmedabad, 19 deaths in 1 day, the death toll rose to 105, the number of infected people increased to 2181

Forty patients with BP, heart, kidney and diabetes recovered from the corona

Ahmedabad. A total of 230 new cases and 19 deaths were reported in a single day across the state on Sunday with a total of 3301 patients while the death toll rose to 152. A female patient died of corana in Vadodara today. While in Botad, the report of a 6-year-old child has come positive.

The Corona virus has affected the economic situation of many people. In which the condition of Gujarat's lawyers has become dire. So the Bar Council of Gujarat has come to the aid of economically needy lawyers. The decision to provide financial assistance to lawyers in need has been made by the council. After scrutiny of the applications received in this regard, Rs. 5000 will be deposited in the bank account of 8500 lawyers. An application was called for by the Bar Council by lawyers advising that the economic situation was bad.

To prevent infection and guide patients with other diseases, the state government has undertaken a new project to treat patients through telemedicine, with guidance from MD Physician, MD Pediatrician, Dermatologist and Gynecologist from 10 am to 5 pm. Which is requested to take maximum advantage of. It is being coordinated by the Health Commissioner's Office. Citizens of 31 districts are taking advantage of telemedicine, said Jayanti Ravi, frontline health secretary. In addition, the state administration is constantly trying and committed to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the state. Out of the positive cases reported in the state, 89 per cent are from Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara. While 27 districts have 11 per cent positive cases, he added.

Lockdown may increase in Gujarat

Corona could increase lockdown in Gujarat. At present, the doubling rate of Corona's case in Gujarat is six to seven days, so if the lockdown is opened, it could prove to be dangerous. Therefore, another incubation cycle of 14 days of Corona virus should be allowed to be completed and then there is a discussion between the Gujarat government and central officials about opening a lockdown. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will make a proposal to the Prime Minister in this regard.

On 27 ventilators, condition of 2810 stable and 313 discharge

In this regard, front health secretary Jayanti Ravi said on Sunday that 230 positive cases have been reported in the state in 24 hours. These include 178 cases in Ahmedabad, 30 in Surat, 8 in Anand, 1 in Banaskantha, 2 in Gandhinagar, 4 in Rajkot, 4 in Vadodara, 1-1 in Navsari, Patan and Kheda. While 18 have died. All these deaths have taken place in Ahmedabad. So far 51091 tests have been done in the state, 3301 have come positive and 47790 cases have come negative. Out of a total of 3301 patients, 27 were on ventilators, 2810 were stable, 313 were discharged and 151 died.


Gujarat Corona update date 27-4-2020 Gujarat Corona update date 27-4-2020

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