Gujarat corona Update date 16-4-2020 Morning 11-00 AM

Gujarat corona Update date 16-4-2020 Morning 11-00 AM

Gujarat corona Update date 16-4-2020 Morning 11-00 AM

Ahmedabad, one of the 56 Corona-positive cases in Gujarat today, killed a child and a woman.

Corona virus in Gujarat raises heavy, 56 new cases registered today, Ahmedabad most positive

A 14-year-old girl was killed in Vadodara and a 45-year-old woman in Surat

Gujarat has recorded 56 Corona-positive patients with Ahmedabad having the highest number of 42 cases. Along with this, there have been 695 cases of positive cases in the state. Two patients have died due to coronas today. A 14-year-old girl was killed in Vadodara and a 45-year-old woman in Surat.

more than 56 cases have been registered from last night till this morning. Ahmedabad has the highest number of 42. While 2 people have lost the battle against Corona. Today, only one case has been registered in Kheda and Botad. That brings the total to 695A. 30 people have died. The highest number of cases have been reported in the Kot area of ​​Ahmedabad. So far, 404 cases have been registered in Ahmedabad till date. The Prime Minister extended the lockdown until May 3rd. In Ahmedabad alone, 415 cases have been registered. Curfew has been imposed in Kot area of ​​Ahmedabad today.


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When it comes to the condition of coronary patients in the state, there are 8 patients on the ventilator, and 598 patients in the stables. With this, 59 people have been discharged from the hospital and 30 have died. 42 new cases have come up in Ahmedabad today. Including 24 men and 18 women. The new 6 cases in Surat include 5 men and 1 woman. Of the 3 new cases in Vadodara, there are 3 men, while one in Botad, three in Panchamahal and 1 in Kheda, against the new case.

In the last 24 hours, in the last 24 hours in the laboratory tests, 2354 tests have been done, of which 2268 people have reported negative. While in Gujarat so far, a total of 17334 people have been tested, out of 695 positive, 16631 people are negative. The first case of Corona positive is reported in Botad City. Corona entry has been made in the district. Corona is 80 years old. Information has been provided by the District Collector.

Anand's shoulder has reported positive reports of 7 more people from Corona. A report of 7 people simultaneously operating in the Aling area has taken place. Today the report of 7 people, including three children, came positive. All the patients are currently being treated at the General Hospital.

Another positive case of Corona has been reported in Dahod. The report of a youth from Bhilwa village of Garbada is quarantined to 12 members of a positive household. Samples were also taken from 6 patients contacted. The system is now conducting investigations in six areas. In Dahod, the number of coronary patients has increased to 3A in one case today.

Corona-positive of the male of the upper part of Dabhoi. The 52-year-old male report comes from Corona Positive. There has never been a single case of Corona until Dabhoima. The number of coronary patients in Vadodara has increased to 117.

In Rajkot, 3 more positive cases have come up. Only 3 more positive cases have been reported from Jangaleswar area. The Rajkot positive case has reached 21. 2 out of 3 cases have been exposed in the Cluster Quarantine area. When 1 case is positive patient contact infection. A total of 13 positive patients are currently being treated at the hospital. While 8 patients have been discharged from recovery treatment.

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Gujarat corona Update date 16-4-2020 Morning 11-00 AM Gujarat corona Update date 16-4-2020 Morning 11-00 AM

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