std 1 to 9 Maas promotion Decision by gujarat Govt. Due to Corona virus.

std 1 to 9 Maas promotion Decision by gujarat Govt. Due to Corona virus.

std 1 to 9 Maas promotion Decision by gujarat Govt. Due to Corona virus.

The Government will decide to provide mass promotion to students in grades 1 through 9 and 11s Dcussion in a Private School Governing Body

 The Education Department has just sent the proposal, yet to decide on the CM level
 School administrators believe that mass promotion should also be decided by the government

 Divine Bhaskar

 Mar 24, 2020, 02:08 AM IST

 Ahmedabad: The state government will make the final decision to cancel the annual examination in private schools.  Private school administrators will not make any decision about the exam.  This was discussed in the board of directors of the private schools.  One school administrator, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the government must make all the education decisions.  The government must also make a decision to cancel the examination and give mass promotion.  There are now many different associations of private school administrators.  If the private schools in Ahmedabad cancel the exam and the exam is taken in Rajkot then the assessment will be different.

 The school cannot cancel the exam on its own
 There will be no uniformity in the exam.  In addition, the government's approval is also required for mass promotion, because in all the paperwork, the approval of the government is mandatory.  However, the government still had the responsibility of deciding whether to take the test on school administrators a few days ago.  That is why there is currently a debate in the board of private school administrators that no school administrator should cancel the exam in their own way unless the government decides to cancel the exam.

 The government will take a decision in view of all aspects
 The reports were circulated in the media this year, in view of the situation presented due to the transmission of the corona virus, which will be given promotion to the students of standard A to 9 and standard 11 this year.  However, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, with clarification on that, said that at present stage the whole matter is under consideration but no decision has been taken.

In this regard, in the coming days, appropriate decision will be taken by taking into account all aspects of the present situation in the wider interest of the students and education.  For this, no decision has been taken regarding the promotion of mass one to nine and 11 in the present.  Meanwhile, an unofficial document that the government has made a circular went viral on social media, though it has not been endorsed by the Education Department.

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std 1 to 9 Maas promotion Decision by gujarat Govt. Due to Corona virus. std 1 to 9 Maas promotion Decision by gujarat Govt. Due to Corona virus.

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