Daily Market price|| APMC bhav know At Home Town

Daily Market price|| APMC bhav know At Home Town

The Gujarat State was carved out as a separate State on 1.5.1960 under the Gujarat Organization Act 1960 with the total area of 195024 sq.kms. Its population is 6.00 crores of which percentage of rural population is about 75 percent. nearly 90 lakhs farmers and farm workers are engaged in agricultural production which form about 65 percent of total work force in the State. The State is divided in to 26 districts with 225 talukas. 

Welcome to Bajar Bhav E-Mandi app. India's No. 1 and Fastest update latest mandi price for India.

We also get latest Mandi price every day for all agriculture markets across India. Now farmers can easily get daily update prices for their products so there is no more loss for their products. Now farmers can get nearby markets updated price every day and whenever they want to sell their products they can do by checking the price for their products.

Here all states are available and as per selected state here all districts display and for a particular district, get all markets, you have to select which one is nearby you select them and get daily updates for that market.


- Latest Mandi Prices (market yard rates) for different Beverages, Cereals, Drug and Narcotics, Dry Fruits, Flowers, Forest Products, Fruits, Live Stock,Poultry,Fisheries, Oil Seeds, Oils and Fats, Pulses, Spices, Vegetables

- Graph to product to check up/down prices in days

- Weather forecast for user’s selected Market

- Very Light and Simple UI

- Available on any Android mobile phone across all operators with an internet connection.

Supported Languages:





All the information is personalised, and farmers update Language, States, Districts, and Markets.

Information can also be shared with fellow friends.

Some of the main commodity are prices available with different verity : Wheat, Paddy(Dhan), Rice, Maize, Bengal Gram(Gram), Green Gram (Moong), Groundnut, Sesamum(Til), Mustard, Cotton, Apple, Banana, Mango, Onion, Potato, Garlic, Ginger, Bajra(Pearl Millet/Cumbu), Barley (Jau), Cauliflower, Brinjal, Arhar (Tur), Tomato, Bitter gourd, Bottle gourd, Ashgourd, Pumpkin, Bhindi(Ladies Finger), Fish, etc.

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Daily Market price|| APMC bhav know At Home Town Daily Market price|| APMC bhav know At Home Town

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