🚔Government decision:  Decision to apply helmet in urban area

Government decision:  Decision to apply helmet in urban area

For the last few days, after the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019, people were getting very upset with not wearing a helmet. The people of Gujarat will no longer have to face the hassle. Because the Romanian government is now introducing a new rule in Gujarat that no longer needs to wear a helmet, in the urban areas, the Romanian government has given good news about wearing a helmet.
Implementation of Motor Vehicles Act 2019 by the Government of Gujarat. The implementation was announced from September 16th. Under which HSRP was also mandated in PUC and older vehicles. Finally, due to lack of infrastructure in the state that could provide PUC and HSRP in a timely manner, the government had to extend the helmet and HSRP number plate along with the PUC till October 30.
Minister RC Faldu has reacted to the media after meeting of the state cabinet, which has seen fury on the people of the state over the past few years when the law enforcement of the helmet has also seen a rage among the people due to the implementation of the law in the urban area and the penalties. Make helmets mandatory to advertise to the people of urban areas exempting them from the laws of helmets. Has been sailed.
So, in the municipal and municipal areas, the police will not penalize drivers who wear helmets.

Gujarat government has decided to give big relief to the people of urban areas. The state government has announced taking a further U-turn on traffic rules, saying that urban drivers will be exempted from wearing helmets. Thus two-wheelers now have to wear helmets only on the highway.

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