🌐Widow Support Scheme New Update

Widow Support Scheme New Update

The government has made significant changes to the widow assistance pension scheme by the government.  The widow was not given a pension by the government under the widow if her son was 1 year old or the son's age was 1 year, in which the government has recently undertaken a significant improvement in the widow pension scheme and if the unmarried widow has her son aged 1 year.  Even if it is more than 1 year, Rs 1250 will be paid by the government.  Under the government's widow assistance scheme, a widow who is currently under the age of 1 year in the case of a widow who is not remarried, was paid monthly assistance of Rs 1000 for the widow, but the help was stopped as the widow was 21 years old.  There was a case when a woman who had a son older than 1 year old applied for benefit of this widow.  Rajio were disapproved.  But from 8.8-3-2019, the Government amended the scheme and applied for widow assistance even if there was a son under 21 years of age, with a fixed income of Rs.  Will be able to  Thus, widows with a son older than 21 years can also benefit from this scheme.  Due to having more than 21 years old son, rejecting the rejected application will be eligible for the benefit of the scheme.  Assistance in widow assistance Rs.  1000 was increased to Rs. 1250.

Let us first learn about the required documents.

These include the husband's death example, the husband's Aadhaar card, the election card and his birth date or school living certificate.  Then talk about the evidence of the widow who is the widow, the example of the widow's birth or school living certificate and Aadhar card, election card and two small color photos.  As well as the caste or notary affidavit of the caste example and the other not married.  In addition, children's birth patterns and Aadhar card and ration card.  Such evidence will be needed.

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🌐Widow Support Scheme New Update 🌐Widow Support Scheme New Update

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