How will you get the benefit of Minister Ujjala?

How will you get the benefit of Minister Ujjala?

The central government of Prime Minister SSL plan (PMUY) from vulnerable families especially women are very relieved. It May 1, 2016, the state of Uttar Pradesh in Ballia was launched.
PMUY government under the below poverty line families living domestic cooking gas (LPG (LPG) gas) of the connection is. Pm SSL plans (PMUY) the central government's Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry of cooperation emanating from the being.
Rural area for cooking in traditional as well as wood and dung of play is used. This exhausts the fumes of bad effect on the health of women has.
Prime Minister Ujjwal plan (PMUY) from such relieves women is. As well as this rural area to keep clean helps.

Who can get PMUY advantage of?

PMUY in the 2011 census, according to which the family is BPL (BPL) category in the Come, them PMUY advantage of can get. This PMUY under the total 8 crore BPL families free LPG connection providing the goal.
PMUY from people what will be the benefits?
Net of fuel use improving the health of women
Faux fossil fuel use to the environment from less pollution
Eat smoke-bearing death from a reduction in
In small children health problem rid of
PMUY how to apply?
PMUY under the gas connection to BPL family of a woman application can. For this you KyC form around the nearest LPG in the center must collect.
PMUY in the application for Page 2 of the form, necessary documents, name, address, Jan Dhan bank account number, Aadhaar number etc. are needed.
At the time of application, you it will also tell you that 14.2 kg cylinder you want to take or 5 kgs.
Where to get PMUY form?
PMUY of the application you PM SSL plans from the website of the can download. You find the nearest LPG from the center also the application form can take.

PMUY to what documents are necessary?

▪️Panchayat officer or municipal corporation municipality chairman authorized by the BPL card
▪️BPL (BPL) ration card
Photo ID (Aadhar Card, Voter ID)
▪️Passport size of photo
Copy of ration card
▪️Gazetted officer (gazetted officer) verified by self-declaration letter
LIC policy, bank statement
▪️BPL list of the name in the print out

PMUY for other important things
The name of the applicant SECC-2011 data should be in.
Applicant women should whose age is less than 18 years not be.
Female BPL (BPL) family from the same should be.
Women of a savings account in any National Bank in Be is mandatory.
The applicant in the home of someone by the name of no LPG connection should not be.
The applicant possesses BPL card and BPL ration card should be.
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Every family PMUY in the 1,600 bucks of support
The government of India PMUY in each eligible BPL family financial assistance under the scheme PMUY in the 1600 bucks of economic assistance will. It sums up the LPG gas connection to buy will.
Its the same with Hearthstone and buying the first LPG cylinder here coming in expenses to pay for installment (EMI) facility also may be given.
PMUY much information about you to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry's website also on the can be.

Information by video
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How will you get the benefit of Minister Ujjala? How will you get the benefit of Minister Ujjala?

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