Shravan Pilgrimage Plan” for Senior ..

Shravan Pilgrimage Plan” for Senior Citizens..

“Shravan Pilgrimage Plan” for Senior Citizens

Special needs information
The provision of this scheme will enable pilgrims to pay the maximum amount of travel fare.
4% of which is Gajit Padhvat Travel Development Development Board after the journey.
The gatekeeper comes to Kiva.
5% of district pilgrims travel by pilgrimage to Pilgrimage Travel.
The cost management system has been initiated by the people of Kolkata.
Hey, pilgrims only pay 8% of the deposit and this is also the cost of travel.
Giving them a drink will entice them to drink. Thus, the journey is free of charge. E
(Considering the fare for GSRTC supply bus (non AC) or mini bus (non-AC)
લાભ The benefit of this scheme is to provide affordable living to the poor (worth 5 million or more).
To the young people).
૬૦ Appreciation should be at the age of 3 જી Worthy of age. E
You can see the exact photo of the two passport size side by side.
Please be sure to visit one of the following documents for drink and drink at home
Attaching “self-certified copy”.
 ૧. Scripture

૨. Election date
 ૩. Passpath
 ૪. Driving License
If the spouse is on a one-way trip, either of them listens to the age of two.
Worth should be greater.
 An individual is entitled to one benefit for every financial value.
 If pilgrims are worth three or more years old and alone, they are all one
Attendant 3 can also carry those who are younger.
વધ Increased prevalence of data, addiction / help, etc. in group 1
Includes Release. He is eligible for travel even if his age is below 5 Worth.
Also, they are entitled to a 5% discount on bus fares.
લઈ Carry a pilgrim combustible material or a crayon object or any refractory / geccidaceous substance
Don’t go.
The pilgrims who observe the pilgrimage rules observe the pilgrimage.
ા A mustache for any traumatic accident during travel or any of it
The officer / employee does not appear to be liable.
 Tourism Probability Date – August 7 – September 8, The Middle Ages.
Travel tourism streams remain strong. (In which Fu Fifi resides.)
 (2) .Somnar-Tulsi Shyam-Dhvipu-Junagadh
 (2) .Ambaji-Ramlaji-Prasadhpu-Mahadi Jaintirtha
 (2) .Divika-Choratala-Ganiwi (Hirdhamata) -Pobandi-Jamnagi
 (2) .Pavagadh-Dakoi-Poicha-Disposal-Tragedy…

Shravan Pilgrimage Plan” for Senior .. Shravan Pilgrimage Plan” for Senior ..

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