Now in truecaller you will also know the reason why the caller called you


Now in truecaller you will also know the reason why the caller called you

It is easier to receive a call if you know the reason for the call from an unknown number. Now caller ID working app truecaller has come up with this kind of feature. The company is rolling out globally for Android users before this feature.

  • Truecaller adds new features like Call Reason, Schedule SMS and SMS Translation M3
  • All these features are being launched for Android users before

3 new features in truecaller Truecaller has added Call Reason, Scheduled SMS and SMS Translation feature. Learn more about these features …

1. Call Reason
This feature allows users to set the reason for the call in advance. So the user receiving the call can know the reason for calling. I.e. whether the call has been made for personal, business or urgent reasons. With the help of this feature a note can be sent during the call, in which the reason for making the call is written. This feature will be helpful for those who are getting a call from a new number.

2. Schedule SMS

This feature allows users to schedule a message reminder for an event, meeting or other reason. For this the user has to set the time and date of sending the message. So the message will be sent automatically as per the scheduled time.

3. SMS translation

This feature allows you to translate messages received in another language into your own language. This feature is powered by Google’s ML Kit. So all the messages can be processed and translated locally on the phone. This feature supports 59 languages. It has 8 Indian languages. This feature will be helpful for those who do not know any other language.

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Powerful dialer and caller ID:

  • – The world’s best caller ID will recognize anyone who calls you
  • – See they call just before they call
  • – Use Voice Is Calling Gender to talk to your friends for free on Truecolor
  • – Call Recording – Record important phone calls and save them to your phone (Android Pie and above not supported)
  • – Back up call history, contacts, messages and settings on Google Drive

World Class Blocking and Spam Investigation:

  • – Block calls and SMS – Identify telemarketers, harassers, scammers, fraud, sales and more and auto-block
  • – Real time community based spam reporting
  • – Advanced blocking options for blocked countries, same-digit sequences and more!

Download True Caller Apk File

  • – Recognize every unknown SMS automatically
  • – Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS
  • – Organize your SMS into personal, important, other and spam
  • – One-tap payment on transactional SMS
  • – Chat for free with your friends and family in group chat
  • – Use flash messaging for instant messaging
  • – Track bills and practical updates in important tabs
Now in truecaller you will also know the reason why the caller called you Now in truecaller you will also know the reason why the caller called you Reviewed by Admin on March 08, 2021 Rating: 5

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