STD 10 And 12 Parixa Fees 2021


STD 10 And 12 Parixa Fees 2021

The helpline has been started by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) so that the students of online classes can know all the information about the embarrassing issues and exams.  Students will be able to learn unanswered issues during the online class from expert teachers on 079-23973614, as well as get all the information about the question paper and method of examination.

Started from not being able to go to schools

Many students do not get proper guidance in the online class.  Not going to school does not solve their confusion.  In this situation SSA has started a helpline in the state.  So that students can get information by calling during school hours.
Helpline start

The SSA said in a circular to each DEO that a home learning program is being run by the government.  At the same time, the time of board examination has also been announced.  In this situation the teachers will be able to inform the student through the helpline even while staying at home so that the students do not have any confusion about the subjects and exams.

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