Gujarat Govenment Yojna 2020 Rs.4000 assistance in Widow assistance scheme Declared


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Gujarat Govenment Yojna 2020 Rs.4000 assistance in Widow assistance scheme Declared

There are many schemes available for widow financial assistance in the state. These schemes provide relief and convenience to their lives. Information on such schemes is presented here.

To whom is the financial assistance available for resettlement accessible?
Applicant widow age of 18 years to 64 years.
Not 21 years or older.

The applicant’s personal annual income is Rs. The annual income of the family should not exceed Rs. Must be no more than 45,000.
If you have a son 21 years of age or have unstable brain or have more than 75% disability and are non-functioning.
Must be a resident of the state of Gujarat.

Certified copy of evidence

Applicant’s Application (As per Annexure-1/2)
Affidavit (As per Appendix R / 2)
Income Certificate (as per Annexure 5/1)
Certificate of Widowhood (as per Appendix 1/3)
Example of death of applicant’s husband
In case of non-availability of either applicant (widow’s) birth certificate or school living certificate, an example of the age of the medical officer of a government hospital / civil hospital.
Certificates regarding applicant’s educational qualification.
Mayan heirs’ generation
Applicants in the age group of 4 to 8 years to submit a letter of guarantee to the Talatishri regarding the involvement of any government in the training of recognized trade.
Certificate for not marrying again. (Performed as Talatisree in July of every year.)
Examples of officers having the appropriate authority to apply if they have a child over the age of 2 years but are physically disabled or mentally unstable, suffering from life imprisonment.
The applicant must show the identification mark on his body.

Benefits receivable under the scheme

Under this scheme, the beneficiary will get Rs. 500 per month monthly assistance is credited to the beneficiary savings account through the Post Office Savings Account.
Depending on the beneficiary, children (within the limit of two children) will have to pay Rs. 80 articles are paid per month.
Beneficiaries of the age group of 18 to 40 years under the scheme are required to undergo self-employment training.
Under this scheme, beneficiaries of the age group of 18 to 40 years are provided with self-employment training as per the rules, or the loan rules for employment are repaid in the form of margin money.
In case of widows above 40 years and up to 64 years are eligible under other schemes under the scheme, except for fresh application for old age pension till the age of 64, the cases of eligible widow beneficiaries are forwarded to the District Social Security Officer with the recommendation of the District Social Security Officer. Where older pensions are allowed without re-verification.
Ta. From 01-04-2008, the beneficiaries of the scheme will get Rs. An insurance cover of 100,000 is made available.
The time limit for applying is to apply within two years from the date of death of the husband. But in the special case the Collector may approve the application after two years.

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Information to be included with the application form

The application form is available free of cost from the concerned provincial office / collector’s office / district social security officer’s office.
Example of death of husband with application form.
Revenue example.
If you own the land, drop 7/12.

Evidence / Pattern of age of applicant’s children.

Xerox copy of Medical Certificate / Handicapped Identity Card if he has a fractured brain and handicapped non-functioning son.
The application form will have to be submitted to the District Provincial Officer’s Office, which will verify the evidence and ask for assistance approval.
Purpose of Rehabilitation Scheme through Training:
The State Government’s Social Security Department is implementing intensive efforts to train beneficiaries aged 18 to 40 under the Financial Assistance Scheme for rehabilitation of the destitute widows.

Who can get the benefits?

Beneficiaries of the age group of 18 to 40 years will get the benefit of the scheme.
The destitute widow should be receiving assistance under the Aid Scheme.
Short-term self-employment training must be successfully completed.
The same amount of margin money will be provided for intensive assistance or self-employment loan as per the rules on the basis of successful humanitarian schemes.
Extensive efforts will be made to provide for the self-employment through bank leakage through missing out training equipment or margin money.

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