Gujarat Corona update date 30-4-2020

Gujarat Corona update date 30-4-2020

Gujarat Corona update date 30-4-2020

Three more cases were reported in Mehsana, a total of 4104 positive patients in the state, the death toll reached 198

The state may get relief in three-phase lockdown from May 4

More than 300 new corona patients were registered in the state for the second time in a single day
19 new cases were reported in Vadodara, one patient died

So far 59488 tests have been done, 4104 positive and 55046 negative reports

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Gandhinagar. 19 new cases have been reported in Vadodara while three more positive cases have been reported in Mehsana. At the same time, the total number of positive patients in the state has increased to 4104. Three cases have been reported at Molipur in Vadnagar in Mehsana district. With one more patient dying in Vadodara, the state's total death toll has reached 198. As many as 527 patients have been discharged. Announcing an important announcement in the Gujarat government's lockdown, CMO Secretary Ashchini Kumar said that guidelines were issued by the Center yesterday to repatriate people trapped in various states. It will be followed by the Government of Gujarat. 8 senior IAS and 8 IPS officers of Gujarat have been assigned responsibility for those who are trapped in Gujarat by students and businessmen from other states. Responsibility has been assigned to different officials for different states. He will help the traders, students, pilgrims and others trapped in Gujarat by coordinating with the state administration.

People living outside Gujarat will be brought back: Ashwini Kumar
Those trapped outside Gujarat will also be brought back to the state. The portal will be ready to apply for this by evening. People living outside Gujarat will have to apply online. In which the details of the vehicle will also have to be filled. This operation will be completed in the next 10-15 days.

Corona Positive, a young man from a family making bamboo baskets
Korona, a young man from a family making bamboo baskets near Balapir Dargah near Adalaj Annapurna Circle, has tested positive. According to the information received, the youth was already addicted to alcohol. He had also vomited blood earlier. He was admitted to Gandhinagar Civil Hospital last Saturday for treatment. As his condition deteriorated, he was shifted to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for further treatment. He is believed to have been infected from the hospital. The health team in Adalaj is searching for the family history of the bamboo basket and the young man from the infected hospital felt that he was being searched from the hut.
As the cases of corona are increasing, access to Gandhinagar city will be available only from "Ch" road
Roads to the city have been closed due to increasing cases of corona in the state capital Gandhinagar. Entrance is being given only from "Ch" Road. There was a traffic jam on Lai "Ch" road. Drivers coming to government offices were annoyed as all other roads were closed. The district police chief issued a notification and announced the closure of roads. Koba - The road from Adalaj to Gandhinagar is on.

The state may get relief in three-phase lockdown from May 4

The second phase of the lockdown is coming to an end on May 3rd. However, if the central government does not announce an extension of the lockdown, the state may get relief in three phases from May 4. In which all green zones can be fully opened. The Orange Zone will be given some concessions while the Red Zone can be kept completely closed.

Out of the total positive cases in the country, 12.72% cases are in Gujarat
Maharashtra has the largest share of total cases. Maharashtra accounts for 15.85%, Gujarat 12.72% and Delhi 12.62% of the total cases in the country. The highest number of cases is in 3 cities. Mumbai has 11.62%, Ahmedabad 9.43% and Delhi 12.62%. Madhya Pradesh accounts for 5.87% and Rajasthan for 5.07%.

After a long struggle, the Gujarat government finally stopped testing with the Rapid Kit
After a long struggle, the Gujarat government has finally stopped testing with the Rapid Kit. The use of Rapid Test Kit has been discontinued after testing 8900 in the state. Most of the patients tested negative from the kit ordered from China. The central government had decided to stop the testing due to inconclusive results. It is to be noted that in many districts of Gujarat, tests have been done with Rapid Kit and those districts were declared Corona Free. This has left the government and the health department in a quandary



Gujarat Corona update date 30-4-2020 Gujarat Corona update date 30-4-2020

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