💐PUC helmets last date extended till 31 October

PUC helmets last date extended till 31 October
PUC helmets last date extended till 31 October

The common man of the country is facing a lot of difficulty by not adopting the new traffic rules in the country.

Ever since the new rules of traffic were announced, people have been having a hard time buying helmets and wearing PUCs. Individuals who do not immediately buy traffic helmets or pay PUCs are subject to fines if traffic rules are not met.

   The number of vehicles in the country is increasing day by day while the number of PUC centers in front of them is very low so people have to stand in line for hours to lift PUC. Therefore, the government had earlier given the helmet and PUC and the time till October 15, but it was not possible to get access to all the people till that time. Has increased.

   As per the announcement made by the government, people keeping in mind the Diwali festival have been exempted from paying the fine from the new number plate containing helmets, PUC and HSRP on 31 October.

   As well as making the RTO work easier and on its own time, people have been announced to start the RTO on Sunday, October 6th. Because they can do their job without falling.

The announcement made by the government at the time that the Diwali festivals are approaching has made the people of the country happy with the relief of penalties at the time of the festival.

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